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My Evo 6 at Spa Francorchamps

Spa was a blast! It just really is the mist beautiful track in Europe! Got 2 dry sessions in the morning and 2 wet sessions in the afternoon. Here are my favourite shots of that day. More pix will follow.
Huge thx to my mate Vincent for taking the pix. Go to facebook and like his page! Napster Photography






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Finally, another Evo trip. Finally a RS Evo.

So, after 2 seasons of happy track days in my Evo 5, I thought to myself: “why not upgrade?”

Yes why not! I mean when I bought my actual track day car, the Evo 5 GSR, I upgraded from a Toyota AE86. Back then my thoughts were like “what if it’s unpleasant to drive a boring 4WD on track?”    “what if I don’t enjoy driving it?”

After 2 years of great fun on tracks like Spa, the Nurburgring, Anneau du Rhin,… I have to say I’m really pleased with how the Evo drives on tracks. After lots of experimenting with spring rates and geometry setups, I really like the car. But why buy another Evo?

As I was coming from AE86 territory I was always concerned about weight. I shredded quite a lot from my GSR, but was never satisfied with the weight. The other thing that bothered me was the active AYC differential. Never really loved this thing. And the AYC diff and the pump are so prone to break down. So the only logical conclusion, buy a lighter from Stock Evo and try again.
This brings us to an RS Evo. It’s pretty much as basic as it could be. No active diffs and pumps, no ABS, no electric windows or mirrors, no electric sunroof, … there are just so much of details that makes this car lighter from a stock GSR. 100kg lighter to be exact! And it will loose some more in the near future.


As I’ve recently sold my AE86, I started searching the car sites for an Evo 5 RS or 6 RS, simply because they are the best looking Evos, period! And I can simply swap most of my performance parts from my actual Evo 5 GSR.

So I searched the big UK forums, but only found some heavy modded stuff for sale, searched more and found collectors cars for insane money. So I contacted 2 importers in the UK. John from SVA Imports responded like instantly, and informed me that they had 2 Evo 5’s on display, and two more at the port in Dover. I focused on a 17’000km Evo 5 RS but was too slow. This one was sold really fast.

After a lot of chat and emails with SVA Imports, lots of requested pictures were taken for me and I finally paid a deposit on an “unseen” car! Quite a cool thing you can do with SVA Imports, pay deposit on a car to secure it and to get the UK registration process started. When you then actually visit the car and don’t like it, you’ll get your deposit back.

+1 annonce

As I knew John from his Evobreakers days and since he has always been a well reputed member and trader on MLR (biggest Evo forum – UK based), I trusted his words, and wasn’t disappointed at all.

So, let the trip begin. It’s like the 6th Evo we buy from the UK, which means ferry and hotel bookings were quickly made. 3 copilots were easily organized, and off we went. As always in the trusty Subaru Impreza Diesel.

 +2 Subi IMAG0431

4 hours later we arrived at the Dunkerque ferry port

+3 ferry IMAG0432

After 2 hours of channel crossing, we checked in at the hotel and did some sight-seeing before dinner and whiskey 😉

+4 castle IMAG0444

+5 harbour IMAG0446

The next morning we headed to SVA imports without any breakfast. (sorry to all brits, but what you call a breakfast just can’t be eaten in the morning lol)

We were warmly welcomed by John and Raef and got a huge cup of coffee. John really is a very helpful guy, responding to so many questions and with a huge Evo background. SVA really did a good thing to hire someone like him!
All clean my potential new car waited for me.

+7 at SVA IMAG0454 +6 at SVA IMAG0450

On simple request the car was put on one of their lifts to inspect the underside and all the mechanical areas of this car. These fresh Japanese imports are just in such a better state than most European cars, unbelievable!

+8 SVA under IMG_0487 +9 SVA under IMG_0490

+10 SVA door IMG_0493 +11 SVA door IMG_0494

After some more inspections, questions and chatting we went on a drive. Lots of things feel so much tighter, better, newer than on my actual GSR. I really wasn’t disappointed at all and just had a bit of paperwork to do. An hour later all was good and we headed back to the ferry port to get back home.

+15 highway photo3

I’m now looking forward to start modifying this car and swapping my performance parts,…

Big thanks to my buddies Tom, Mich and Alain for coming along with me on this trip and of course to John at SVA imports. I read quite a few varying reviews on SVA on the internet, but I can highly recommend them!

And if you are living in the woods and never heard of SVA imports, they have quite a cool Evo themselves, it’s a bit on the tame side though 😀

Time-Attack-Snetterton-28 BHP-Show-2013-32

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bachelor party

So I normally don’t post non car related / personal stuff on my blog, but I’ll do an exception here.

This saturday I had an awesome bachelor party / stag party / bull party / what ever it’s called in your country. My best man and all my best friends were present and we had a blast. including me in a quite JDM styled costume. Thanks guys for the pedobear outfit! Sorry but I don’t have a pic with all of you crazy dudes, there were about 14 people that evening.
Now I’m ready for my wedding this friday 🙂

And this pic sums it up pretty good. After 14 hours with the boys I was all done and out of business 😉

Thanks again boys and thanks for the new race livery on my car

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superlapbattle aftermath – i won ;)

So most important things first. The SLB Raceleague’s Super Lap Battle 2012 was a blast, it was epic. Thanks again to everybody who made this happen, to all the competitors and to all the helping hands! And as this is the “most important things first” paragraph of the post: THANK YOU Yves, it’s your effort that makes this event possible in style every year!

Second most important thing. My Evo behaved great, it was a pleasure to drive, even on street tires (as I was participating in street class). I managed to shave quite some time of my anterior personal best time and managed to win my class in front of a BMW 1M, an EVO VIII, EVO VIII MR, 350Z, Porsche Cayman…


In the early morning we opened the gates and welcomed the contenders, gave them their place in the “pit” area and a technical scrutinizing was done on every car before the timekeeping transponder was mounted.

After the drivers briefing, the 2 hours of free practicing started so all the drivers could familiarise with the track, the conditions and their own car setup. Weather was dry and “cold” for May, about 14°C, perfect for tires and intercoolers.

After this free practice the different classes where hunting for the best lap time in two different groups. Street 1, Street 2 and Modified 1 in group 1 and Modified 2, Open 1 and Open 2 in group 2. Lots of tight time battles where fought and personal or overall best times where improved over and over again. At one moment of the last stint,  1st and 2nd place where only 1 thousands of a second from each other!

All in all the event was great, everything worked out as it should. We, the organizers, will be happy to do a 2013 edition of this event and lots of drivers confirmed that they will be back next year.

Thanks again to everybody who made this day as awesome as it was!

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time attack 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates these past days, but we are in the final stages in organizing our yearly “super lap battle” event. This is a classic time attack race held by our club every year at the track of Chambley (France). It’s quite a lot of different things to plan, to get, to think at,… But I’m really looking forward to friday to make this thing happen!
Oh, and besides of organizing, I’m participating too 🙂 Last year with my hachi in open class and this year I will take out my Evo 5 in street class.

And here are this years rivals. More info on regulations and classes here:

Street 1:

Street 2:
Modified 1:
Modified 2:
Open 1: (with last years overall fastest car, the Spoon Sports Europe S2k)
Open 2:
So be prepared for some awesome footage, pics,… of this event. And if you live somewhere near to Metz-France, come by and have a great day!