Toyota MX41

vintage 2 door limos
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KE25 first run for 2015


Winter is officially over 😉 Had the first drive in my 1971 1200 corolla sl (aka the ke25) today. Felt awesome finally riding old cars after the long winter again
Carb needs a retune though. Bangs luke crazy, hesitation and lack of power uphills

Update on my KE25 and GT86

As for the GT86, it’s sold. Got a new daily already, something more practical, a station waon, it isn’t jap though! So I don’t know if I’ll show it here.

As for the KE25, F I N A L L Y the new shoes are on. Took me 11 months from when I put my first order on yahoo japan untill I got them together and mounted. I’m so so happy with the outcome!

They are WEDS Racing Tri 6.5x14ET-5 and 7x14ET-1 wrapped in quite skinny 165/60/14 tires. For a non fender flared KE, I think it looks tits! Needs a tad more low in the front though. Will have my mate Pentti fab me some short strokes 😉

 +DSC_7821 +DSC_7823 +DSC_7829 +DSC_7834