My Evo 6 at Spa Francorchamps

Spa was a blast! It just really is the mist beautiful track in Europe! Got 2 dry sessions in the morning and 2 wet sessions in the afternoon. Here are my favourite shots of that day. More pix will follow.
Huge thx to my mate Vincent for taking the pix. Go to facebook and like his page! Napster Photography







my gt86 @ super lap battle

Just sharing some pics from different photograpgers. Did some track time this weekend, GT86 did me proud. Drove in street (stock) class and was really happy with my laptime!

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time attack 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates these past days, but we are in the final stages in organizing our yearly “super lap battle” event. This is a classic time attack race held by our club every year at the track of Chambley (France). It’s quite a lot of different things to plan, to get, to think at,… But I’m really looking forward to friday to make this thing happen!
Oh, and besides of organizing, I’m participating too 🙂 Last year with my hachi in open class and this year I will take out my Evo 5 in street class.

And here are this years rivals. More info on regulations and classes here:

Street 1:

Street 2:
Modified 1:
Modified 2:
Open 1: (with last years overall fastest car, the Spoon Sports Europe S2k)
Open 2:
So be prepared for some awesome footage, pics,… of this event. And if you live somewhere near to Metz-France, come by and have a great day!