by monkeymagic

drifting hiace

Fender flares, rims, bucket seats, roll cage,…Everything you would expect in an AE86, Silvia,… But this time it’s all in a Toyota HiAce. Japan has lots of van fans, usually I don’t like the most of their modifying styles. But this HiAce is tits! Built by CRS in Osaka.

by monkeymagic

rudolf the red nose ….

check out Luis Maya’s drifting skills. Car is basically a AE86 with an TE72 Body 🙂

Chassis: 1980 Toyota Corolla; COMPLETE AE86 GTS underbody swap including gas tank, fuel lines, front crossmember

Engine: AE111 Stock Blacktop 4ag, T3 Velocity Stacks, Koyo Radiator, T3 Water Relocation Kit

Suspension:  Front: T3 Camber Plates, Front AE86 spindles/brakes,  T3 Coilovers 8kg modified for Tokico HTS shocks
Rear: T3 Adjustable Rear 4-Link, T3 Adjustable Lateral Rod, TRD Japan 6kg springs, Tokico HTS Shocks

Drivetrain: AE86 GTS transmission, Illegal Garage Clutch, Illegal Garage 1 piece Chromoly Driveshaft, AE86 GTS rear end with KAAZ 2-Way LSD