by monkeymagic

rudolf the red nose ….

check out Luis Maya’s drifting skills. Car is basically a AE86 with an TE72 Body 🙂

Chassis: 1980 Toyota Corolla; COMPLETE AE86 GTS underbody swap including gas tank, fuel lines, front crossmember

Engine: AE111 Stock Blacktop 4ag, T3 Velocity Stacks, Koyo Radiator, T3 Water Relocation Kit

Suspension:  Front: T3 Camber Plates, Front AE86 spindles/brakes,  T3 Coilovers 8kg modified for Tokico HTS shocks
Rear: T3 Adjustable Rear 4-Link, T3 Adjustable Lateral Rod, TRD Japan 6kg springs, Tokico HTS Shocks

Drivetrain: AE86 GTS transmission, Illegal Garage Clutch, Illegal Garage 1 piece Chromoly Driveshaft, AE86 GTS rear end with KAAZ 2-Way LSD