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400000 => thanks

Missed it by a few thousand, but thanks everyone for still visitin my blog! I promise to publish and reblog more once my life will be a bit more quiet in a few weeks from now.


And yes that was me a few months ago 😉

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+25o’ooo visits and still going hard

Can’t believe my humble little blog got over 250’000 in about 2 years. Thank you everyone who’s checking by and following this blog! You guys (and girls?) rock!

Short stats, over these 2 years there were 446 post, 788 comments and speaking to a lot of nice people all around the world! 90’000 visits in the first year, 160’000 in the second year!

And THIS is the most seen post of all time, it was visited over 7500 times. I guess I’ve got lots of Miata fans out there! Thanks.

Oh, and she loves you all:

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hb monkeymagic86

If you visited this blog one year ago, you probably read this:

“Hi all. My name is Bob, blogging from Luxembourg-Europe and this is just another blog in the large world of JDM/Drift/Race/Cars………………………have fun”

Since then 264 posts, 556 comments an 89’995 views have happened. Thank you for all the support and happy birthday mm86 blog 😉

Mad props to my top referrers:

Oh, btw, no post without pics. Video option girls are liking this post!