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drifttin boso

just wow

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boso ra update

It’s pretty cool when blog readers comment on an old post with the following lines:

“I built this

Here is a better picture, more shakotan.”

So here we go:

Comments are always great, they actually show me that there are people out there reading my blog.  Here’s the original post:

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crazy links

Isn’t it crazy how you end up on a persons homepage, blog,…

You google a term, a pic, a video or whatever, click a link, than an other read a cool comment on a blog post that makes you click its authors link and so on. And finally you’re at an austrian guys page and see a boso style mixed Honda Civic Sedan with his hood on the roof rack.

By looking at the details the number plate attracts my attention. These are vintage plates from Luxembourg, that’s rad. So I googled some more and the car even got the matching rear plate. So my guess is that this Cali / Boso mix was at least registered in Luxembourg some time. Might be nothing special to you US/Aussie guys, but it’s quite a find when you’re living in a 500’000 people country

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Found these pics of a rather boso oriented mark II on a forum thread. I would love to see some real boso cars once in my life. It would definitely be a “to do” on my list when visiting Japan.

Buddies and I discussed to visit Japan on our own a lot of times. Just buy some plane tickets to Tokyo, get a rental car and get a personal to do list checked. Man, that would be so awesome! But doesn’t knowing anybody in Japan nor speaking the language doesn’t help for sure. Here in Luxembourg we all speak english/french/german and some other languages wich would probably get us through Tokyo itself, but for the rest it would get quite interesting 😀

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Sapporo: city, beer,
, mitsubishi

Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture.

Sapporo is a japanese lager brewery since 1886.

Sapporo is a pretty cool Mitsubishi.

Yeah right, this being a car blog, let’s just talk a bit of that end 70’s – early 80’s Sapporo. The Sapporo has lots of different names depending of the country and badge it was sold. Mitsubishi Sapporo, Mitsubishi Scorpion, Mitsubishi Lancer Lambda, Chrysler Sapporo, Plymouth Sapporo,

It’s running lots of Mitsubishi Lancer parts but looks so amazing different. Most people will find it ugly because they just can’t see the potential of that car. Further down you’ll find 2 super fine examples of the GSR. But first a bit of history:

Introduced in Japan in December 1976, the Lambda was described not as a coupĂ© but a “personal luxury car”, as Mitsubishi already had the Lancer-based Celeste coupĂ© in its line-up.

Styling: The Sapporo featured frameless door glass, canopy vinyl roofs, velour interiors, “luxury” wheel covers with whitewall tires, and every possible power accessory inside.

Mechanical: The car was available with a variety of engines, including diesels, a number of normally aspirated gasoline engines, and one of the earliest applications of the long-running turbocharged 2.0 L 4G63T engine in the top GSR model which also featured independent rear suspension

Stuyizz 1979 Mitsubishi Sapporo 2.0 GSR

This example started out as a mostly standard silver gsr except a lowering job and some alloys

After some detrimming, Stew’s goal was to get the car really low, so there was no alternative to airbags! So here’s the new suspension and the car rockin some 8×14 ET-9 Konig rewinds

Rocking the bags:

New season, new look @ ACE cafe in London:

To take it one step further, you’ll have to pass the gates of BOSO

AUX’s 1980 Mitsubishi Sapporo GSR

 This is how the car looked at the beginning: 

Got a paint job in Mitsu frost white, a lowering job and some 15” banded steelies from Wheel Vintiques (Cali/US) 

You have to love those 80’s styled Japanese interiors 

Here it is eating some bends @ retrorides gathering 2009