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meet imaizumi-san and his fc3s

No hellaflush, no hardcore racer. No funky vinyls, no extra expensive wheels.

So, what makes this FC so special? Is it the oversized GT wing, the carbon doors, …?

No, it’s the fact that this FC3S runs 57 second lap times @ Tsukuba, then he changes wheels and tires, dissembles the GT wing and drives home! Yeah, right, no trailer, no big pit crew. Just pure motivation.
And if you need some work done @ the track, just give a hammer to your kid!

The FC3S belongs to Imaizumi-san, founder and owner of Super Now Engineering A company that develops and produces Mazda performance and racing parts.
The car has been on a serious diet. Race trim includes lots of lightened body parts including the carbon doors and the FRP rear hatch.The curb weight has been dropped to 1080kg. For the car’s wheels, a number of set ups have been tested. In the rear are a set of 17″x10″ Panasports and the front wheels have gone back and forth between a pair of 17″ Enkeis and a pair of 15″ Buddy Club wheels. Imaizumi-san said that he was actually running faster times with the 15″ wheels up front



Engine wise the car rocks a 13B-REW engine, blown by a Knight Sports high flow and cooled by a V-mount intercooler setup. Internals have been upgraded with Super Now original 3-piece apex seals. 394hp are fed to the wheels by an HKS sequential transmission.
Outside: RE Amemiya fixed headlight front end conversion, carbon doors, FRP hatch, carbon bonnet and lots of diffusers/splitters/canards.
Suspension: Original Super Now coilovers, Original Super Now suspension arms,
What could be better than a grassroots car that can runs Tsukuba in 57 seconds and is driven to and from the track?


There’s only one thing I will not understand, why do you want to fit these ridiculous doors on a racing car??

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powergate / powersports japan

So, I’m a bit AE86 focused today … just don’t know why ! I guess it’s because of the winter that doesn’t let me drive my own.

Powergate/Powersports was founded in 1999 and is split into 2 major departments

POWERGATE : 1off racing cars – racing cars researched, developed and built by powergate and rocking lots of 1-off high performance parts.

POWERSPORTS : race and trackday cars, setup by powersports and featuring powersports goodies besides of many other brand parts.

Powersport AE86 Corolla Levin (4AGE 20V setup)


4AGE 20V AE101 engine, TODA Pistons, TODA 304 Cams, H-rods, ported cylinder head, 4 Keihin FCR Carburetors, MSC Ignition, Powersports side tank radiator, Powersports 3-way venturi oil catch tank, 16 row oil cooler, SECTION Type 2 tuned length exhaust manifold, Powersports 60mm side muffler


TRD close ratio 5-speed, ORC carbon clutch, TRD LSD

Suspension/Brake/Wheel and Tire:

TRD 5-way adjustable damper cartridges, Powersports original coil over shock absorber cases (front), TRD 8-way adjustable coil overs (rear), adjustable pillow lower arms, pillow tension rods, adjustable control arms, adjustable stabilizer bars, standard disks with Mazda FC3S 4-pot calipers (front), normal AE86 calipers with ‘Big Rotor Kit’ disks (rear), Buddy Club P1 Racing 15×8J +11, Advan 048M 215/50/15 tires (front and rear)


N2 over fender kit, adjustable aluminum GT wing, painted wet carbon hood, 5 piece acrylic widow kit


OMP leather steering wheel, Powersports original bucket seat, 6-point Sabelt racing harness, 10-point roll cage

Beside of this stunning hachi powergate/powersports have some awesome other creations. Just take a look at these :

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v for vintage

Some new alloy for the old school rides. RAYS Engineering will produce a vintage series of their legendary TE37 wheel, the TE37V. Specially made for all you old Datsun, Toyota,… lovers. Available in 4×114 and low offsets only giving you a real nice dish. The wheel is forged monoblock and will rougly cost 550$ per wheel. They will be introduced on 2010th tokyo auto salon (TAS) and sales start by the end of April.

PCD: 4×114.3
15×6.5 offset +13
15 × 7.5J offset +6
15 × 8J offset 0
15 × 8.5J offset -5
15 × 9J offset -15
15 × 9.5J offset -20
Lip sizes: 56mm (S-rim), 82mm (L-rim), 94mm (LL-rim)