240z drive

So yesterday we picked up my mate’s series 1 240z from the mechanic. Got to drive it a few miles on the way back. Now the wait for the end of winter is even harder!


Honda Prelude

Sometimes a single car can change the way you look at the car model in general. Like this really nice Prelude

Project Datto: Winter Update

So as the winter period is the time of the year to do some resto work and updates, here is a little update. This winter it’s mostly around the rear of the car. So I removed the fuel tank, inspected the inside and decided an outside resto is all it needed. I mechanically stripped it, put it in rust converter (KSD Kovermi) and rush painted it in Brantho Corrux 3-1, which is a primer, rust protector and paint. All in one.

_tank restore

I also decided to clean that mess of vent hoses on wich can be found on these later and US cars. I pretty much converted it to early EU/Japan layout. Put on all new hoses, restored the tank fixing straps (Stripped, rust converter, paint), new vents. Here is a graph of my new vent line layout:

_tank vents.jpg

While the tank was out I also cleaned the underside. How could you not. So same process as always: stripping old under seal and paint, rust converter, 3in1 paint.

_floor rest 7

As I also had ordered new U-joints, boots,… quite a while ago I restored the rear axles to. Removed the axles, disassembled and cleaned, stripped the paint, repainted, greased everything up. Removed the U-joints, fitted new U-joints with the shop press, fitted new boots.



And I prepared everything for a rear wing install. No, not necessarily for the looks only, but to test and try to get rid of the exhaust fumes in the car. It’s worth a try!
But more on this later.

Toyota MR2 Mk1a AW11…my midship runabout

Say hello to my newest purchase, say hello to project “SuperMario”. It’s a 1986 MR2 Mk1a or AW11. Imported from the US in 1992 to Sweden, 20+years later to Germany and it now lives with me in Luxembourg 🙂

As it hasn’t seen any snow, ice and salt (yes, it’s winter here!) since many many years, I picked it up with my neighbour’s tow truck. Thanks Yann!


The datto @ LOF oldtimer breakfast

So after starting to write posts about the mods and maintenance that will take past over the next months as it is winter, here some shots of the Datto at the last oldtimer breakfast of 2018. Think of it as a sort of cars and coffee just for old cars. One of the best things you can do on a Sunday morning 😉


Project Datto: Winter again

Yes, unfortunately driving season is over 😦 Which means wrenching season is on.
Plans for this winter are mostly around the rear of the car. Fuel tank and filler/breather hoses. 3.9 180 diff to go with my already installed 5 speed gearbox. Rebuild half-shafts ad drive shaft. Fitting a rear wing. The list is not as long as last winter, but I also have a bunch of stuff to do on my other money pit, the BMW E36.

So to end the driving season, the best picture of the Datsun in the french alps. It’s so awesome I even had a canvas printed and hung it on the wall at home! Thanks Yves for the shot!