Project Datto: the interior freshing-up continues

So after the interior paint was finally completely dry, took over a week. I was finally ready to buid up the interior layer by layer.
First thing was sound deadening. It came on a roll of rougly 7ft by 19″ wide. So I started cutting it to bits and shapes wich would fit the floorboards, trunk, tunnel easily…

Next layer was some more sound insulation and some new vinyl from MSA. The insulation consists of an nonwoven sort of wool/jute. The exact english term is escaping me here. But yeah, it’s made for vintage cars, so it should be perfect for the Datto. It’s kept in place by spray glue


Oh and I rebuilt the drivers side door with a brand spanking new NOS door card ;) It even came with new clips. Nothing complicated here, just some unmounting an remounting of different bits. But the difference is huge!


Datto B120

This is for sale in Portugal right now, A pristine condition GB122 Datsun pickup truck.
And apparently it comes with some racing history to!

“As part of Nissan Datsun´s marketing strategy for these little pick up´s this one entered a Rally in 1985 as an oficial team Rally car
Delivered with 1985 framed Rally participation photos”

Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-34-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-33-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-12-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-1-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-14-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-35-of-60 6611674

logical order

So after removing the front axle, what could possibly be the next step? Of course, removing the rear axle, at least parts of it. So here is the rear suspension out.


Hat quite an OMG moment when I undid the rear drive shaft from the stub axle on the passenger side. The big nut wich holds the stub axle (a wheel,…) in place just fell on the floor once I unbolted the drive shaft. And it had the threaded portion of the stub axle in it. So it was broken for quite some time. Lucky me the drive shaft didn’t came lose or the car did not loose a wheel.


Oh, and some of the previous owners had to be McGyver. This is a quite special interpretation of a drop link. An all-thread with a welded nut on one side, 4 different bushes and for the best part no space between. So the droplink and therefore the rear swaybar couldn’t work at all ;)


Datto axle disassembly


So, while I’m waiting a few days for the interior paint to dry completely before applying the second layer I used some spare time to disassemble the car a bit more. So I hung up the engine in the bay and removed the complete front axle including the engine subframe,…
Plans for these parts: clean up, rust treatment, repaint them. Buying coilovers, welding up the struts, new bushings, lower inner camber bushes. Then remount everything to the car.
Oh and btw I have the same plan for the rear axle ;)