Red and gold R33

Damn I love this R33 Skyline GTR. The golden Enkei RPF1 are super nice on that red boat


Project datto: slow progress

So just a little update. The engine bay is almost ready for metal treatment and rust prevention and will then get some new paint. I chemically stripped quite some areas, mechanically stripped the more critical areas around the welds…

Good things first, I haven’t found anything bad, rust or super dodgy repairs…

The red/brown thin you can see on the pics is the original Nissan primer wich is dark red

Just a few more hours of scratching before I’m gonne treat the little rust spots with Kovermi rust converter, apply multiole coats of Brantho Korrux (rust prevebtion, primer and paing all in one). 

But the remaining question is: glossy black or blue? No idea! Time will tell