Finally, another Evo trip. Finally a RS Evo.

So, after 2 seasons of happy track days in my Evo 5, I thought to myself: “why not upgrade?”

Yes why not! I mean when I bought my actual track day car, the Evo 5 GSR, I upgraded from a Toyota AE86. Back then my thoughts were like “what if it’s unpleasant to drive a boring 4WD on track?”    “what if I don’t enjoy driving it?”

After 2 years of great fun on tracks like Spa, the Nurburgring, Anneau du Rhin,… I have to say I’m really pleased with how the Evo drives on tracks. After lots of experimenting with spring rates and geometry setups, I really like the car. But why buy another Evo?

As I was coming from AE86 territory I was always concerned about weight. I shredded quite a lot from my GSR, but was never satisfied with the weight. The other thing that bothered me was the active AYC differential. Never really loved this thing. And the AYC diff and the pump are so prone to break down. So the only logical conclusion, buy a lighter from Stock Evo and try again.
This brings us to an RS Evo. It’s pretty much as basic as it could be. No active diffs and pumps, no ABS, no electric windows or mirrors, no electric sunroof, … there are just so much of details that makes this car lighter from a stock GSR. 100kg lighter to be exact! And it will loose some more in the near future.


As I’ve recently sold my AE86, I started searching the car sites for an Evo 5 RS or 6 RS, simply because they are the best looking Evos, period! And I can simply swap most of my performance parts from my actual Evo 5 GSR.

So I searched the big UK forums, but only found some heavy modded stuff for sale, searched more and found collectors cars for insane money. So I contacted 2 importers in the UK. John from SVA Imports responded like instantly, and informed me that they had 2 Evo 5’s on display, and two more at the port in Dover. I focused on a 17’000km Evo 5 RS but was too slow. This one was sold really fast.

After a lot of chat and emails with SVA Imports, lots of requested pictures were taken for me and I finally paid a deposit on an “unseen” car! Quite a cool thing you can do with SVA Imports, pay deposit on a car to secure it and to get the UK registration process started. When you then actually visit the car and don’t like it, you’ll get your deposit back.

+1 annonce

As I knew John from his Evobreakers days and since he has always been a well reputed member and trader on MLR (biggest Evo forum – UK based), I trusted his words, and wasn’t disappointed at all.

So, let the trip begin. It’s like the 6th Evo we buy from the UK, which means ferry and hotel bookings were quickly made. 3 copilots were easily organized, and off we went. As always in the trusty Subaru Impreza Diesel.

 +2 Subi IMAG0431

4 hours later we arrived at the Dunkerque ferry port

+3 ferry IMAG0432

After 2 hours of channel crossing, we checked in at the hotel and did some sight-seeing before dinner and whiskey 😉

+4 castle IMAG0444

+5 harbour IMAG0446

The next morning we headed to SVA imports without any breakfast. (sorry to all brits, but what you call a breakfast just can’t be eaten in the morning lol)

We were warmly welcomed by John and Raef and got a huge cup of coffee. John really is a very helpful guy, responding to so many questions and with a huge Evo background. SVA really did a good thing to hire someone like him!
All clean my potential new car waited for me.

+7 at SVA IMAG0454 +6 at SVA IMAG0450

On simple request the car was put on one of their lifts to inspect the underside and all the mechanical areas of this car. These fresh Japanese imports are just in such a better state than most European cars, unbelievable!

+8 SVA under IMG_0487 +9 SVA under IMG_0490

+10 SVA door IMG_0493 +11 SVA door IMG_0494

After some more inspections, questions and chatting we went on a drive. Lots of things feel so much tighter, better, newer than on my actual GSR. I really wasn’t disappointed at all and just had a bit of paperwork to do. An hour later all was good and we headed back to the ferry port to get back home.

+15 highway photo3

I’m now looking forward to start modifying this car and swapping my performance parts,…

Big thanks to my buddies Tom, Mich and Alain for coming along with me on this trip and of course to John at SVA imports. I read quite a few varying reviews on SVA on the internet, but I can highly recommend them!

And if you are living in the woods and never heard of SVA imports, they have quite a cool Evo themselves, it’s a bit on the tame side though 😀

Time-Attack-Snetterton-28 BHP-Show-2013-32


uk evo roadtrip ver 3.0

Yup, about 6 months after the last 2 road trips to the UK (approx. 1600km / 1000 miles) to buy some Mitsubishi Evos it was about time to do a third edition of this kind of trip 😉

And again we’ve gone for another Evo, the new NBU Evo 5:

2nd NBU Lancer Evo roadtrip

just 2 weeks after we went to the UK to get me my Evo 5, four Team NBU members (Me, Nuudel, Mich and Eiwiss) started the 2nd roadtrip to get another Lancer Evo. The NBU Evo IV. Eiwiss took his cam to the trip and this is the result. Fkin awesome for his first video attempt!

TeamNBU: Mission IV from Yves Melchior on Vimeo.

team NBU evo roadtrip #1

This post is long time overdue. If you’re a bit lazy in reading, just scroll down and look at the pics 😉

Sometime in October 2011 I told myself that I need a second track oriented car. I often thought about it the past 12 months, but now it was for real. A car that would be better suited for fast tracks such as Spa Francorchamps, the Nurburgring and so on. Did lots of brainstorming and decided it would have to be turbo and fast. Didn’t care too much if it would drift or not, wanted something that grips hard. So what was the outcome of all that brainstorming? A Scooby GT or an early Lancer Evo (4-6). Prices are way to high for european models, so I decided it should have to be a RHD car. UK has a large market for these Japan imports, prices are good and the £ to € exchange rate was good to!

So at some point I decided it has to be an Evo. Why? Simply because it’s more aggressive looking, doesn’t have a Boxer engine and because it’s just more rare and way more spirited (imho) than a Subaru.

Did some Forum and Pistonheads research for several weeks and found some really interesting cars. The first two I considered were sold even before I was able to travel to see them. So I found another ad about a white Evo 5 not to far away (+-9 hours of road) in the south-east of the UK.

After several mails and even some more mails I just paid a deposit without having seen the car in real at all. Seller stated all was good and in good order, some minor scratches, no rust, mechanically working,… as usual but not always the truth as I’ll find out later.

So I gathered 3 of my buddies and we planned the road trip. Plan was to leave early, get the ferry to the UK at 12:00, travel 2 hours by sea, do another few hundred miles, check and buy the car, get some food and sleep at a Hotel and travel home by 2 cars the other day.

Oh, and here’s the part of Team NBU that did this road trip, from left to right (Mitch, me, Nuudel):

And of course the guy who took the pic, Eiwiss:

And that’s how it went. Slaughtered my bank account to get the needed british pounds, alarm clock rang at 7am (way to early for a Saturday morning) and off we went.


After some 4 hours of foggy road we reached Dunkerque in Belgium and waited to get on the ferry. We then parked the car for the next 2 hours in the boat and went straight to the onboard restaurant for some food and some Bulmers cider 😉


Once arrived on English tarmac we had another +3 hours of road to hit. Unfortunately there aren’t any more pics of day 1 as we were so distracted by driving on the wrong side of the road.

We eventually arrived at the sellers house by 6PM and as winter sucks it was dark already, so no pics either. We inspected the car for general body condition, engine condition, engine leaks, noises,… and I went for a drive with the guy. As I’m a real over-enthusiastic when it comes into buying cars I tend to overlook things. So I discussed approx 30 seconds with the other 3 of us and gone for it. Done deal, bill of sale, paperwork,… the Evo was mine.

We checked in at our Hotel, got some food and lots of beer to celebrate the acquisition

The day after we headed home. Little sidenote, English breakfast is what it’s known for! If you don’t like beans, sausages, bacon and crumbled eggs in the morning you’ll start your journey quite hungry!

So, here it is, the first actual pic of my new car taken by me after getting some gas:

Oh, as I soon found out, getting gas is your major activity when owning an Evo. 12,x l/100km or 18MPG was the best I could manage when travelling home at moderate highway speeds of 120km/h or 80MPH.

So, same procedure as the day before, driving highways, ferry including eating and chilling, more driving, arriving at the destination in the dark.


Once at home the car was parked at our “team NBU shelter”, a last beer was drunk an everybody went home for some sleep. Quite exhausted but very happy about my new car I even ordered the first parts for it the same night 😉

sva imports uk

We went to the UK for the 2nd in just 2 weeks 😉 last time we went to get an Evo 5 and this weekend it was an Evo 4. On the way back to the ferry we stopped by @ SVA to take a look at their cars.
They do have quite a large selection of jdm imports. Evos, Silvias, Surbarus, FDs, …

Here’s a quick pic of Mich, Nuudel, me and a small selection of their cars. The roadtrip itself was a blast, 2 days, 2 ferrys, lots of laughing and UK food isn’t that bad (except those crackling or what ever that was. The food on the ferry was pretty good actually, the Bulmers too 😉
More on our 2 new Evo beasts soon.

my dragon lady

Last Saturday was the big day. The day I would go to get my new project, a Celica TA23GT with the 2TG engine on 2 double Solex carbs. But before I try to do a write-up of this trip, I want to say thank you to a few people. My 2 co-pilots Tom and Patrick. And Petar for renting me his trailer!

I saw an ad for this car on the internet about a month ago. Contacted the seller and he told me it was sold already. 2 weeks later I just wanted to check if the buyer really showed up to take it away and the guy said “no”. So without having seen the car and with just a few crappy cell phone pics I bought and even paid a deposit for this car. Planned this roadtrip at +-730km (490 miles) one way. The whole thing (1500km/1000 miles) in 1 day.

So the alarm clocks were set early. Way to early for my taste:

First leg, driving to the shelter and meet with my 2 co-pilots. They are exactly as awaken as I am *lol We hitched up the trailer and started for the first 726km (+-490 miles).

Some boring en-route stuff:

Once arrived at the vendors house in the south of France. Gorgeous weather, nice guy,… There even was another TA Celica parked in front of his house :

I finally saw my future car for the first time. Covered in blankets it stood in the garage and awaited it’s new owner. He then showed me all the pieces he got for 1st gen Celica’s and I soon noticed I would never be able to get all these parts home.

So, we loaded the car, tied it up and started to fill up the Celica and the tow car with bits and pieces.

After having completed a huge amount of paperwork, I paid for the car and we went off to the paint guy to get the missing hood.

Some time later we eventually started our way back home. The radio announced lots of highway traffic jams as there were too much people returning from their holidays at the french Riviera. We decided to drive quite some detours in order to be able to roll. Stop and go highway traffic is just to boring. And with a trailer and a manual car it’s a PITA! So we took some nice byroads and enjoyed the south of france.

Just some random new car owner with his stock of bits on the way home :

The way back home was about 834km (560 miles). Took us 10 hours.


Finally back at the shelter. We quickly unloaded the car, drank a can of beer to celebrate the roadtrip and drove home.

02:36AM that’s a 23 hour trip in one go. Was hard but fun.

Now I will remount this car step by step, there is quite some work left! Then I will register it and start modifying it.