Now this is what I call a complete wash!

And now for the best part, complete underbody cleaning:

I would love to let these guys take care of my car!


lexus day

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy, uuuh no, shitty song, let’s do that again

Woke up this morning, drove to work @ -9°C (thats about 15°F), saw a super loud IS. That’s all, little things like that make me do a Lexus post. Picked some picks from my harddisk and here you go. A bit of eye candy before the weekend begins.

Stole a few from hellfishracing, found his blog this morning, so be sure to check his blog, it’s def worth a read:



And one of the best shot in monts, I love this pic. Give me a shout when you know where to find a desktop of this pic: