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more hahchi wallpapers

if red doesn’t suit you


by monkeymagic

hachi shooting

So, finally some pics from the shooting. As you may understand I had no time for my blog the last days as I was working on the hachi to get the engine out and to see whats wrong with it. Long story short, rod bearings on 2nd cylinder are almost completely gone, this caused the crankshaft and the rod to be a bit eaten. All this parts won’t be able to make it again. Block itself could need some boring and honing too 😦

Now the pics, thanks again to Tom Jungbluth (look @ blogroll),  a young and very talented photographer. First location was an industrial area, great lightning, not too much traffic:

For the second spot we had to block an exit of a shopping mall in order to place the cars. Nobody send us the cops, so everything was fine! And I finally got a decent shot from the interior of my car.