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e7 rollas, there are so many

I love japanese cars of the 70’s and 80’s. But sometimes it gets a bit confusing. One of the best examples are the E7 Toyota Corollas. They where the 4th Corolla generation and built from 1979 to 1984 (vans until 1987) and had numerous body styles and engines to choose from. Today they are mostly misspelled and most people call the 2/4 door sedan/wagon the KE70, the coupe is often called AE71 and the liftback TE71. Bit it isn’t as simple as that. The model codes go like this XE7Y. Where X will give you the model of the engine block (KE or AE or TE) and Y gives you the body style. This generation of the Corolla had 2 facelifts.

I’ll try to get all these E7 corolla’s listed as far as I know them. Please share/correct/comment whenever you think I’ve got something wrong.

So what do we have?

2 different sedans: 2 doors and 4 doors
4 station wagons/vans:  2 and 4 door station wagon, 2 door panel van and there was one high roof version of the 4 door station wagon.
2 hardtop coupes: 2 door GT hardtop coupe and the 2 door sprinter hardtop
2 liftbacks: 3 door Liftback and the 3 door Sprinter GT Liftback
2 coupes: 3 door coupe, 3 door Sprinter coupe
That’s 11 different body styles for one and the same car! Tried to find a nice example for all of the above:

2 door sedan:

4 door sedan:

2 door station wagon:

4 door station wagon:

4 door high roof station wagon:

2 door van:

2 door hardtop GT:

2 door hardtop Sprinter:

3 door liftback:

3 door Sprinter liftback:

3 door coupe:

3 door Sprinter coupe:

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rudolf the red nose ….

check out Luis Maya’s drifting skills. Car is basically a AE86 with an TE72 Body 🙂

Chassis: 1980 Toyota Corolla; COMPLETE AE86 GTS underbody swap including gas tank, fuel lines, front crossmember

Engine: AE111 Stock Blacktop 4ag, T3 Velocity Stacks, Koyo Radiator, T3 Water Relocation Kit

Suspension:  Front: T3 Camber Plates, Front AE86 spindles/brakes,  T3 Coilovers 8kg modified for Tokico HTS shocks
Rear: T3 Adjustable Rear 4-Link, T3 Adjustable Lateral Rod, TRD Japan 6kg springs, Tokico HTS Shocks

Drivetrain: AE86 GTS transmission, Illegal Garage Clutch, Illegal Garage 1 piece Chromoly Driveshaft, AE86 GTS rear end with KAAZ 2-Way LSD