Datto B120

This is for sale in Portugal right now, A pristine condition GB122 Datsun pickup truck.
And apparently it comes with some racing history to!

“As part of Nissan Datsun´s marketing strategy for these little pick up´s this one entered a Rally in 1985 as an oficial team Rally car
Delivered with 1985 framed Rally participation photos”

Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-34-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-33-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-12-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-1-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-14-of-60 Coolnvintage-Datsun-1200-Pick-up-35-of-60 6611674

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